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  • SHRM – The event was held in SHRM global conference held in Taj hotel New Delhi wherein more than 200 HR heads from various global organisations had attended and learned about the “ Importance of Inclusiveness in Corporate world”


  • Event at Taloja Jail – The musical and wheel chair dance event had held in Taloja Jail witnessed by 1000 prisoners to “Improve their Regressive Mindset” the event was super successful as it directly impacted a prisoners life, after the event a prisoner who witnessed the event joined us in our panel of performence after his release.

  • Event at Police department –We had the previlege to conduct a Transformational session at the police training academy,Marol, Mumbai where more than 1200 Police trainees had participated and learned about the Resilient, Commitment,Patience Physical and Mental Agility.  The event was a great success that the principal had mentioned in his speech that “The Academy has never seen such an amazing and extra ordinary  display of talent by a differently abled person.

  • Royal Bank of Scotland event : The event was held as a part of “Diversity and Inclusion” week celebrated by Royal bank of Scotland where our differently abled performed infront of more than 500 people to promote “Inclusiveness through Art”, The program evoked amazing response from the audience and Was established as one of our successful events.

  • Event at Baba Atomic centre  : Our both abled and  differently abled performers have performed for Baba atomic research centre cultural event infront of more than 500 audience, the event was one of success stories of Drzya where in at the ent all the audience gave a standing ovation to our artists.

  • Shree Ram welfare society event  :  One of the  biggest event we have ever hosted with our differently abled artists. The event was held in prestegious Shanmughananda hall sion, Mumbai as a part of the “SRWS – Platinum Jubilee Celebrations” where 21 of our differently abled artists from across India has been performed infront of more than 1000 spectators. Our artists are  met with thunderous applause and standing ovation by 1000+ audience. This was another feather in our cap.

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