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Training & Skilling Courses

We provide a wide range courses ranging from music & dance to communication & computer to help people with disabilities to grow and develop their skills and be able to be independent. 

We provide them with the training needed to ensure they can take up employment and be able to live with dignity & independence. The classes are conducted by experts in their fields from all over India



Under our livelihood programme, we don’t believe in providing people with disabilities with menial jobs that only provide a minimum wage. Rather we ensure that they are employed in places where their skills and talents can shine. We connect them with different organisations & companies where can put up excellent performances.

We also provide them with the space where they can market their craftsmanship to different outlets.

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Awareness & Sensitisation 

We conduct a variety of activities in both the virtual and offline space to sensitize abled people on the challenges faced by people with disabilities as well as bring to light the achievements of people with disabilities that is often buried in the news. We do this through our engaging events that are conducted on regular basis.


We are actively trying to empower the differently abled artists across India by providing them with opportunities to showcase their talent by hosting various cultural, arts events by associating with Various organisations.  The intend with the initiative is to promote their talent to take up arts as a proffession and make a livelihood of dignity and independence.


Transformational Training Sessions

We offers amazing unique transformational session which are ideal for any corporates and educational institutions, We have conducted the transformational sessions in various organisations such as Tally, Police department, Met life, National thermal power corporation, Tata memorial hospital to name a few, and was able to touch the lives of more than   10000 on sensitising about the ability in disability.

Corporate workshops

We also conduct corporate workshops  which sensitize the issues and difficulties faced by differently abled in the society. We also display and sell the products which was made by differently abled entrepreuners during our workshop to motivate create awareness on inclusivity in the society.

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